Zingara and Grizzly Take Honors in Helsinki, Finland

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Zingara and Grizzly both won spots on the podium at the first-ever First 36.7 World Cup in Helsinki, Finland August 23-26, 2017. After a grueling four days of racing comprising 10 races-most of which was in heavier air and seas-Zingara ended up in 1st place with 14 points. Arwen, helmed by Helsinki native Joonas Sandholm, was 2nd place with 17 points. Grizzly, the Detroit representative owned by Chuck Bayer, was 3rd place on the podium, with 37 points for the weekend. Twelve boats raced, with 10 of them being somewhat local to the area.

Congratulations to our fellow North American sailors from both these long-term class members and their boats. We also offer them thanks and acknowledgement for the great job they did representing us all and for the logisticaln work and expense it took to bring crew, sails, and gear to a regatta taking place on another continent.

Full results can be downloaded into a pdf at this link: http://hsk-members.appspot.com/races/none.html?ancestor=ag1zfmhzay1tZW1iZXJzcmELEgRSb290GAEMCxIEWWVhchjhDwwLEgpSYWNlU2VyaWVzIhsyMDE3MDgyNHN3czA3NzA5NjU4MTU3OTI4MjMMCxIJUmFjZUZsZWV0IhJGaXJzdCAzNi43MjAxNzA4MjQM