North American Results

Challenging Weekend in Chicago
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This year's North American Championship Regatta was held in Chicago. Weather conditions ranged from dead calm, to strong winds, and from sunshine to full downpours. A true racing experience, testing both crews and their equipment. While all teams sailed hard, Ryan Foley's Tried and True took home the win. Results: 

1st - Tried and True - Ryan Foley 

2nd - Soulshine - Jarrett Altmin 

3rd - Nomad - Silviu & Cristina Petrea

4th - Program - Kara and Earle Atwater 

5th - Eclipse - Peter Nielsen 

6th - Erizo De Mar - Antoni Czupryna

7th - Joie De Vie - James Clouser

8th - Veni Vidi Veatchi - Jason Veatch 

9th - FOG - Greg Rasmussen

10th - Painkiller 5 - Alice Martin 

11th - Free Radical - Robert Nelson 

12th - Brawndo - Matthew Lescohier

13th - Venteux - Jon Van Norman & Justin Kalb