Chicago - Mac Results

Congrats to all
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The 2023 Chicago Yacht Club race to Mackinac was one for the books. As Mac races go, the weather was tame and winds were generally light. Aside from a few rain drops and puffs of strong wind after the start, there were no major storms, and once again all 16 36.7's crossed the finish line in one pice. Results: 


1st Place - Northern Light - Dan O'Haver 

2nd Place - Veni Vidi Veatchi - Jason Veatch 

3rd Place - Adventure - Scot & Melissa Conger 

4th Place - Program - Earle Atwater 

5th Place - Free Radical - Robert Nelson 

6th Place - Nomad - Cristina & Silviu Petrea

7th Place - Erizo De Mar - Antoni Czupryna

8th Place - Painkiller 5 - Alice Martin 

9th Place - Soulshine - Jarrett Altmin 

10th Place - Eclipse - Peter Neilson 

11th Place - Gaucho - Mark Bouckaert

12th Place - FOG - Greg Rasmussen

13th Place - Desilou - Louis & Desarie Schweitzer

14th Place - MAX - Joshua Milberg

15th Place - Scheherezade - Jamal Alwattar

16th Place - Venteux - Jon Van Norman / Justin Kalb

Great Performance by all boats, see everyone next year.