Port Huron - Mac Recap

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2023 Bayview Mackinac Race

The 2023 Bayview Mackinac Race was nothing short of spectacular, especially for the Beneteau
36.7 class. With a fleet of skilled sailors and resilient boats, this year's race showcased both
competitive spirit and camaraderie on the open waters of Lake Huron.
While the fleet was unable to compete in an official One Design class, there was still a highly
competitive Beneteau 36.7 contingent. Greg Chamberlain and his crew aboard Huzzah
emerged victorious, capturing first-place in the group (16th overall). Their flawless navigation,
strategic expertise, and unwavering determination propelled them ahead, making the 36.7
community immensely proud.

Securing the second position (19th overall) was John Burke and the crew of Manitou, displaying
remarkable teamwork and sailing finesse. Following closely behind was Bob Duker skippering
Gail Force, claiming the well-deserved third spot (26th overall). The competition was fierce, and
these sailors truly demonstrated the capabilities of the Beneteau 36.7.

The Bayview Mackinac Race attracted a sizable fleet, with a total of 75 competitors participating
in various classes on the Cove Island course, and almost 200 boats overall. Sailors faced a
diverse range of wind and weather conditions, testing their skills and adaptability throughout the
race. The unpredictable elements added an extra layer of challenge with winds from 0 to 25

After the exhilarating race, participants and spectators alike converged on Mackinac Island to
celebrate this remarkable feat of seamanship. The island came alive with laughter, cheers, and
the shared love for sailing. The post-race festivities were a testament to the unity of the sailing
community, where stories were shared, friendships were forged, and a sense of
accomplishment permeated the air.

The 2023 Bayview Mackinac Race was a testament to the spirit of sailing, where skill,
perseverance, and a touch of daring came together on the shimmering waters of Lake Huron.
As the sails were furled and the cheers subsided, the legacy of this race lives on. 2024 marks
the 100th anniversary of the Bayview Mackinac Race and organizers are expecting a record
turnout for the event. With 10 Beneteau 36.7’s already pre-registered for the event, the
centennial promises another epic battle of this great class.


*Written by Trevor Kenopic