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Getting Started - Beneteau First 36.7 One Design class

So, you’ve decided to start racing your 36.7, but are confused on how to break into the One Design fleet. Here are some helpful tips, and tricks. 

Where to start? 

The first thing to do is make sure your boat is eligable to race in the one design fleet. The One Design rules can be found here. Any major modifications to the boat could be an issue, but most all boats have remained unchanged, or have been changed in an easily reversible way. Asking the owners forum is always encouraged, if you have any question whether something is legal or not. 

Once you’ve found the boat to be in accordance with all rules, let’s take a look at your sails. The First 36.7 class has a sail purchase limit. But new owners, or people new into the One Design program are allotted a full purchase of an entire suite of sails. Sail purchases are tracked via “sail buttons” which can be purchased Here. I’ll list out a few comon scenarios. 

Scenario 1: Buying a boat with no prior racing sails, or unbuttoned racing sails. 

If you are buying a boat previously used for cruising, or raced with sails that don’t have One Design buttons affixed at the tacks, you will need to purchase a full suite of buttons for your sails. The same goes if you order new sails. 

Scenario 2: Buying a boat previously raced in the One Design circut.

If you have bought a boat previously raced one design, your sails will already have their sail buttons attached. You are not required to purchase new sail buttons for these sails, but you are still allotted a one time full suite sail purchase. If you purchase new sails, you must also purchase new sail buttons for those sails.  

The class has a simple sail inventory, consisting of: 

AP Mainsail

No. 1 Genoa

No. 3 Jib

.5 OZ Spinnaker

.75 OZ Spinnaker 

These are the sails allowed for One Design racing, with two exceptions. For distance racing, a No. 4 Jib and a 1.5 OZ spinnaker are allowed, and are not required to carry buttons. All spinnakers must be Symetrical. Mainsails may be attached via bolt rope or slides, and headsails may be attached to the deck, or a furling drum. 

So now you have your boat, and sails ready to go. Let’s get your crew aboard! Most people race their boats with 8 people. We are an owner driver class, but alterations can be made to allow a long time crew member, or family member to drive. More information can be found in the class rules. The class has a crew weight limit of 1500 pounds. But the owner/driver counts as half a weight credit. Anyone driving the boat during a race is required to be a Beneteau First 36.7 Class member. Please select the fleet you wish to be racing with. If the fleet you wish to race with is newly created, or not listed, let us know. We’re happy to help. You can sign up to be a member here. 

The class only allows one Cat 3 sailor to be aboard at any time, but all crew members must fill out the World Sailing classifaction form, and get a World Sailing ID number. This is both free and easy, and keeps the racing fair for everyone. Sign up here.

Hopefully this helps answer any questions you had about working your way into the One Design fleet. Remember, the owners are always happy to help share their tips, and tricks. Furthermore, feel free to contact us here, with any questions. 


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