mac race

An exciting One Design adventure
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The 2022 Chicago to Mac race saw 20 Beneteau First 36.7's on the starting line. Every boat that started, finished despite the extreme conditions. 

The race started Saturday morning with about 20 knots of wind, right behind the fleet. Everyone hoisted kites and started rocketing their way north. The wind built for a bit, and then lightened. In the late afternoon the predicted servere storm front started revealing itself on the horizon. The fleet entered the storm at around 7:00pm, and was hit with 50-70knot winds, hail, lightning, and large steep waves. Sevral storm fronts hit throughout the night, and the fleet had 6-7 hours of constant storm sailing. 

Sunday morning saw most of the fleet in the region of Big Sable point. Sailing fast, on a reach. By sunrise the wind was far enough back that most of the boats hoisted kites, and once again started cranking north. Northern Light and SoulShine found themselves in a feirce battle for first place, and most boats were still within eyesight of eachother even after 24 hours. Several headsail and kite changes later, the wind came on the nose, at 25-40 knots. Waves built to 10-12 feet, and life was though for a bit. Many boats damaged sails, but all persisted! 

Monday morning, the fleet popped kites once again and sailed under the bridge to the finish. The whole fleet finished within two hours of eachother, after 333 miles of sailing, demonstrating what a great One Design fleet we have. 

Congrats to the podium finishers:

1. Veni Vidi Veatchi

2. Soulshine 

3. Program 

4. Northern Light 

5. Free Radical