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Beneteau First 36.7 One Design


  • Clean turnbucles and start top/bottom even
  • Step mast one hole aft from the front
  • Center Mast
    • Attach Genoa to chiar with crew sittin in chair 
    • Mark halyard and place tape on each V1 Shroud
    • Measure from tape to shroud cap
    • Adjust V1 to center the mast 
  • Hand tighten all side shrouds and turn headstay so tread is flush with turnbuckle
  • Tighten V1 shrouds to get 35 on loose Gauge B

Mast base one hole aft (Never move)

Mark to center mast

Measure to cap

Headstay thread flush (Light Air5-8)

Headstay very light off 5 from flush 

Tighten V1 = 35 (Flush Thread)

Color marks:

  • GenoaTrack and Genoa Sheet (sew mark in sheet)
  • Main and Genoa Halyard (sew mark in halyards)
  • Vang (use at pre-start, upwind, downwind)
  • Backstay (place as a percentageof throw)


  • Adjust the D1 and D2s to get 1" of mid mast sag 4-7 in true
  • Add ten turns to headstay to get a base setting
  • The D2 will get tighter with headstay
  • The D1 will need one turn to get to base (9-12)
  • Loose on the V1 should be 40 
  • This is a base setting (9-11) true
  • Add 10 more turns for the next step of 12-15 true
  • Add 1 turn to V1 and D1
  • Add another 10 turns for a med-heavy setting
  • Add 1 more turn to the V1 and D1
  • Loose should be at 50 (16-19 true)
  • For a big breeze when the #3 is up add ten turns
  • Add another turn to the V1 and D1
  • At forty turns the headstay max (20+ true)
  • Loose should be 55


V1 and D1 Shrouds will be adjusted one turn for each step in wind speed. D2 Shroud should not need adjusting if proper for light air.

Take a look at the mast up the main track and in:

  1. Light Air the mast should have almost 1? of leeward sag
  2. Medium Air the mast should look straight
  3. In Heavy Air the mast should look straigt with a slight tip fall off to leeward 

Quick Tune Guide Will go here

HS= Backstay percentage of throw (when headtstay is correct)